Highly Complex Agreements

Helping prepare and negotiate your commercial lease.

Retail and commercial leasing is a highly regulated and complex area of law.

Since 1979 JS Mueller & Co Lawyers have been acting for landlords and tenants in respect of commercial leases, including retail and industrial leases.

We have over 40 years of dedicated experience in representing business owners in the preparation,

negotiation and entering into lease agreements.

Did you know, commercial and retail leases have many similarities, but distinct legal differences?

The complexities of the Retail Leases Act make it particularly important to seek legal advice prior to signing a lease document to make sure that you understand your rights and obligations.

We’ll Ensure You 

Understand your commercial lease rights and obligations. 

At JS Muellers & Co Lawyers, we believe that landlords and tenants should be aware that most commercial 

lease terms and conditions are highly negotiable, particularly in a competitive market.

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