Are EV’s a Risk for Older Strata Buildings?

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From October 2023, a new federal policy will come into place for electric vehicles (EV’s) relating to EV charging in apartment blocks.

The new policy states that it is mandatory for all apartment buildings to be built allowing for EV charging infrastructure.

But… what about existing older strata buildings and the growing demand for EV’s and EV charging facilities?


Electric Vehicle Chargers in Older Strata Blocks


Is there a risk for older apartment buildings and their market value if they don’t find a solution for installing the necessary EV charging infrastructure, particularly as these new rules come into place?

Perhaps, just as strata committees have adjusted to retrofitting solar, they must now adjust to retrofitting EV charging solutions for tenants and lot owners.

The NSW Government has developed this guide to assist with getting your building ‘EV ready’.


Do you Need an Electric Vehicle (EV) By-law?


Our specialist team of strata lawyers have drafted many by-laws permitting owners to install electric vehicle chargers in strata buildings. Our EV by-law considers and covers all essentials including these key issues:

  • Who’s responsible for paying the cost of electricity used to charge electric vehicles
  • Any necessary upgrades to the electricity infrastructure in the building

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