Broadband Networks in Apartment Buildings

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The Department of Communications has released an information note to assist building owners and managers to make informed decisions when selecting a telecommunications carrier to install equipment to enable the building to connect to the National Broadband Network.

The Department recommends that building owners and managers consider whether:

  • the service provider’s proposal will provide building occupants with a choice of providers and competition into the future
  • building occupants will be locked into the decision to use the service provider for a fixed period or in perpetuity
  • other carriers will be able to install competing cabling in the future
  • carriers are correctly advising on their rights to access facilities, particularly in respect to in-building cabling
  • the service provider’s proposal is consistent with pre-existing contracts with other providers, and
  • the service provider has a clear plan for managing possible interference with existing services
  • consider lease and licence agreements

For the full article please click here – NBN Broadband in Strata

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