COVID-19 and Pets in Strata Apartments

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Although our pets aren’t getting sick, COVID-19 is changing the lives of pets especially for dogs living in apartments.

There’s lots of discussion regarding pets as more people work from home. Dogs in isolation not going for their regular walks, exhibiting destructive and anxious behaviour, increased barking or difficulty settling. Then there are the complaints from all the non pet owners.

So can pet’s be banned from living in strata?

In at least two cases late last year, NCAT decided that “no pets” by-laws were invalid.

So, are pets by-laws banning the keeping of pets no longer worth the paper they are written on?

Given its importance to many strata buildings across the State where does this leave “no pets” buildings?

What about the basic habitation rights of owners who want to live in a “pet free” building?

Where does this leave “no pets” buildings?  Pet By-laws – Is it the End of No Pets By-laws?

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