Sydney Water Announces New Water Metering Rules

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Sydney Water announces that the new requirements for new multi-level strata buildings will come into effect on 1 September 2014. Buildings from 1 September 2014 must be designed and built to cater for water metering of individual units.

These requirements will apply to relevant development applications that receive a Sydney Water Notice of Requirements (NOR), announcing that three key areas must be adhered to when designing new multi-level strata buildings:

  1. Allow for plumbing for a single water inlet to each individual unit.
  2. Individual meters must be located in the common area (not inside units).
  3. There may also need to be a space and power supply for data loggers to enable them to transmit meter reads to Sydney Water.

In the coming months, Sydney Water will also announce the list of Accredited Metering Suppliers.

For further information please refer to Sydney Water’s draft Multi-Level Individual Metering Guide or contact

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