Carlo Fini Lawyer JS Mueller & Co Lawyers specialising in Strata Law

Carlo Fini


Carlo is a well respected practising lawyer who has previous experience working across commercial, civil and insurance litigation cases, property and strata law.

Since 1998, prior to joining JS Mueller & Co Lawyers Carlo worked for a number of well known law firms across dispute resolution and litigation, including servicing clients in the property and strata law sectors.

Currently Carlo advises JS Mueller & Co Lawyers clients on:

■ Easements and Access to Neighbouring Land
■ Dispute Resolution and Litigation
■ Strata and Community Title
■ Property Management Contracts
■ Development, Construction and Planning
■ Building Defects

Carlo has presented and published papers on contribution between wrongdoers, proportionate liability and practice and procedure. He has also lectured on a range of legal subjects at Curtin University and The College of Law Australia including; Shared Title; Commercial Leasing, Contracts and Transactions, Company Law and Business Law.

■ Salubre v SP 10654 [2014] FCA 470 (procedure in setting aside sequestration order/annulling bankruptcy, existence of alleged trust over divisible property being a lot in a strata scheme).

■ Touma v SP 77559 (NSW District Court, Balla J, unreported, 4 October 2013, appeal from CTTT decision on strata unit entitlements).

■ Player v Christou [2014] NSWCATCD 60; Christou v Player [2014] NSWCATCD 62 (by-law enforcement).

■ SP 63025 v Community Association DP 270214 (NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal, unreported, 20 February 2014 and 10 April 2014, Senior Member Bordon, variation of community management statement).

■ Croyden & Anderson v SP 1583 [2015] NSWCATCD 104 (repeal of exclusive use by-law where lot owner does not consent).

■ NCAT Overview: strata and home building disputes in the Consumer and Commercial Division (CLE presentation), NSW College of Law, 25 March 2014

■ Proportionate liability held not to apply to a contractual indemnity Australian Civil Liability Vol 9 No 10, May 2013, LexisNexis

■ Late amendment to plead proportionate liability in home building case disallowed Australian Civil Liability Vol 9 No 8, February 2013, LexisNexis

■ Proportionate liability defence-narrow interpretation confirmed in economic loss cases (2012) 50(2) LSJ 76 (NSW Law Society Journal)

■ NCAT Rules Against Short Term Letting By-law (2017) LookUpStrata

■ Tribunal Upholds Validity of General Meeting Special Resolution (2018)

■ Novel compensation claims against owners corporations – Goodbye Thoo 2018)

■ Supreme Court Upholds Validity of Easements (2018)

■ Why Snoozing is Loosing: Supreme Court Upholds Repeal of Exclusive Use By-law (2019)

■ Taming Keyboard Warriors – How to Deal with Unreasonable Strata Communications (2019)

■ Are You Being Served? Getting Your Owners Corporation's Address Correct (2019)

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