Is Your Landlord Planning to do Strata Renovations?

Did you know in NSW there are different rules that your landlords must follow for the 3 types of renovations? When renovating their strata apartment they will need the right renovation by-law.

Cosmetic Work

Landlords can generally do cosmetic work without approval from the owners corporation however this will depend on the types of by-law in place. Be sure to check what by-laws apply in their strata scheme as the owners corporation could have changed what is classified as cosmetic work or have a by-law requiring approval to do cosmetic work.

Minor Renovations

If your landlord is planning to carry out minor renovations then approval from the owners corporation is required.

Project plans, a timeline and details of all qualified trades or contractors who will carry out the minor renovations are required to be submitted for approval. All lot owners will then vote on the project at an Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting – the landlord will need over 50 percent in favour for the project to proceed.

Major Renovations

For major renovations you must obtain approval by a special resolution (a 75% majority) at a meeting of the owners corporation, and a special by-law is also required to authorise the work.

Again, project plans, a timeline and details of all qualified trades or contractors who will carry out the major renovations will need to be provided to seek approval.

Does Your Landlord Require a Renovation By-law?

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