Great News for By-law Registrations

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Great news!

LPI NSW has updated the Registrar-General’s directions concerning the requirements to register a Consolidation/Change of By-Laws.

The Registrar-General’s directions now state as follows:

A consolidated version of the by-laws affecting the strata scheme must be included as an annexure, incorporate the change that is referred to at panel (E) and include any model by-laws.

Note: It is not acceptable to annex previously registered Change of By-laws forms as if it is a consolidated version.

It is suggested that a consolidated version:

  • omit all by-laws that have been previously repealed,
  • include all by-laws that have been previously added, and
  • include all other by-laws as previously amended, or
  • set out in some other way that lists the by-laws that currently affect the strata scheme.

For further information please refer to – LPI NSW Government

A separate Registrar-General’s direction for ‘Consolidated By-Laws’ now says the following:

The following requirements must be complied with:

  • The new change of by-law must be made in accordance with a resolution of the owners corporation and a completed Consolidation/Change of By-Laws dealing form (Form 15CH) must be lodged at LPI not more than 6 months after the passing of the resolution to make the by-law  (See section 141 Strata Schemes Management Act 2015).
  • A consolidated version of by-laws, which incorporates the new change of by-laws, must form an annexure to the Consolidation/Change of By-Laws dealing form (Form 15CH).
  • The consolidated version must include those by-laws lodged with (referred to as ‘developer by-laws’ or ‘strata by-laws’) or adopted (Model By-laws)  by the scheme on the registration of the strata plan together with any changes to those by-laws made since the registration of the strata plan. The text of the by-laws must be fully set out.
  • Where the Common Property Memorandum prescribed by the Strata Schemes Management Regulation  is adopted:
    – it may be included by reference only if the Common Property Memorandum is adopted in full and without any modifications as follows: “The Common Property Memorandum prescribed under clause 27 Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 has been adopted as a by-law”; or
    – where the Common Property Memorandum has been modified as provided in s. 107(3) Strata Schemes Management Act 2015,  the full text of the Common Property Memorandum as modified must be included.
  • Every subsequent change of by-laws will require a new consolidated list incorporating the change to accompany the Consolidation/Change of By -Laws form.
  • The Registrar General may waive the requirement to lodge a consolidated version (see clause 24(3) Strata Schemes Development Regulation 2016). A letter setting out the circumstances for assessment by the Registrar General must accompany the dealing.

For further information please refer to – LPI NSW Government

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