Faster Strata Levy Collection Debt Recoveries

Did you know that JS Mueller & Co can save you loads of time and money and recover your strata levy arrears faster?

How, you ask?

We have been recovering strata levies for over 30 years so we know all the tricks!

We have paralegals who do nothing but levy debt collection. They often spend an enormous amount of their day researching a bad debtor to find information to allow you to recover overdue levies faster.

To find these details we’ll spend time searching for any media articles, reviewing social media sites and generally hunting around the internet for any clues as to their place of work and living arrangements and, any other information which will help us locate the debtor.

This often turns up information about a debtor’s employment or tenant. We then use that information to contact the debtor, issue garnishee orders or just to get your levies paid quicker!

So, how can JS Mueller & Co save you time and money in the levy collection debt recovery process?

It’s simple. Often you’ll already know this information and if, at the time of instruction these details are provided to us that will save time and money, resulting in much faster levy collection debt recoveries.

Here’s a quick list of the helpful information about a debtor you can provide us, that’s if you know them, when providing your next levy collection instruction to us.

  • Employment Details
  • Tenant Details
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Real Estate Property Manager Details
  • Media Stories

Click here for the full details of the new Levy Collection New Laws.

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