Children & By-laws in Strata & Community Schemes

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A recent newspaper article concerning a Sydney residential complex where children have been banned from using a swimming pool within that complex, got us interested in taking a look at the extent to which the by-laws of a strata scheme or community scheme can be used to exclude children from using certain shared facilities in that scheme.

In the attached paper we reviewed the following areas concerning children, by-laws and shared facilities:

  • Can children be excluded from shared facilities in a strata building or community scheme?
  • For what matters can a strata by-law be made?
  • Limitations on the matters of which a strata by-law can be made
  • Model by-laws restricting children
  • The position in NSW, Qld and Vic
  • Community Scheme by-laws – A different position?
  • Where a by-law is inconsistent with Anti-Discrimination legislation and discriminates against children on the grounds of age – Are these principles applicable to owners corporations?

So, can children be excluded from shared facilities? Children and By-laws in Strata and Community Schemes

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