Compulsory Electronic By-Law Registration

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Compulsory Online By-law Registrations 

From 11 October it will be mandatory for by-laws to be registered electronically through an online platform such as PEXA.

Only Lawyers and Conveyancers can Register By-laws

Strata managers cannot access PEXA, only lawyers and conveyancers can.

We have a team dedicated to electronic by-law registrations. We have been registering by-laws and other dealings for hundreds of strata managers electronically through PEXA for over 12 months. We were one of the first firms in NSW to do so.

We make the process easy for you. You can still prepare the consolidated by-laws and send them to us for registration through PEXA and we will take care of the rest for a small fee.

Alternatively, you can have us prepare the consolidated set of by-laws and register them through PEXA as well.

Mandatory Online Registrations Commence 11 October 2021

Don’t get caught out when the system changes on 11 October.

If you would like to know more about our electronic by-law registration services, please contact us.

For all NSW strata legal advice including by-laws, building defects and levy collections contact us here or call 02 9562 1266, we’re happy to assist.

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