Owners Corporations and COVID-19 Help is Here!

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Are Apartment Blocks the new COVID-19 Super-spreaders?

Just like cruise ships strata buildings have the capacity to be super-spreaders of COVID-19.

Apartment buildings and strata blocks have many shared facilities and not all, such as lifts, can be closed during COVID-19 breakout periods.

Shared facilities such as lifts, foyers, stairwells, air-conditioning, garbage and laundry facilities all have the potential to spread COVID-19 and with the current Delta variant, that can occur very quickly, as seen with this recent lockdown of a prominent strata building in Sydney’s east!

As all of Greater Sydney deals with the lockdown and NSW Health advice stating how difficult it is to control the spread of this new very contagious strain of COVID-19, Owners Corporations are grappling with a lack of power to help stop their strata blocks becoming the next victim of COVID-19.

Owners Corporation Assistance

To assist owners corporations with managing the situation (and bringing some control back) we have developed a COVID-19 by-law to assist you with the current situation.

For COVID-19 by-law assistance contact us here now, we’re happy to help.

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