The Right to Legal Representation in NCAT

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Did you know a person involved in a strata dispute in NCAT must get permission from NCAT to be represented by a strata lawyer?

Under the previous legislation, legal representation at NCAT was allowed. However, all of that changed with the introduction in 2014 of the NCAT and in 2016 the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015.

This has created problems and questions for many owners corporations which require legal representation in NCAT such as:

  • When and will NCAT grant permission for a party to be represented by a lawyer?
  • What happens if NCAT refuses to allow a strata lawyer to represent an owners corporation – who will present the owners corporation’s case?
  • Can the strata lawyer still help if they cannot provide representation at NCAT?

So, what role can a strata lawyer for an owners corporation play when NCAT does not allow the lawyer to represent the owners corporation?  What is The Right to Strata Legal Representation in NCAT?

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