Is the Retro Fitting of EV Chargers in Strata Unviable?

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Under a plan by the City of Sydney  all new apartment blocks will need to provide EV chargers and existing apartment blocks will need to retrofit EV chargers as the Council pushes to drive the uptake of EV’s and drive net zero emissions by 2035.

Retro Fitting EV Chargers

Many older apartment blocks are struggling with the concept of installing EV chargers, a major hurdle for the following reasons:

  • The significant costs
  • Navigating the current building infrastructure
  • Questions about who pays for the new infrastructure?
  • Uncertainty over who pays for the electricity used?
  • Questions about how the EV owner is charged for electricity used and whether a by-law can introduce a user pays system for electricity costs
  • Lack of information about EV charger installation
  • Convincing lot owners who don’t own an EV (and may never) to contribute to the cost of installing EV charging infrastructure

The NSW Government’s promise in the upcoming elections to install 30,000 public charging stations across NSW is a positive move in the right direction.

However, in Europe more than 80% and in North America 70% of EV vehicles are charged in homes overnight.

So, perhaps the Government needs to further develop ways to assist with the uptake of retrofitting EV chargers in existing apartment blocks to ensure the City of Sydney (and other areas) reach their target of zero emissions by 2035.

In that regard, the NSW Treasurer recently announced that if the NSW Government is re-elected at the upcoming election, changes will be made to strata laws in NSW to make it easier to install EV Chargers in apartment buildings. The jury is still out on that announcement but it would be a step in the right direction.

For more information refer to these media articles:


Do You Need an Electric Vehicle (EV) By-law?

Our specialist team of strata lawyers has drafted many by-laws permitting owners to install electric vehicle chargers in strata buildings. Our EV by-law considers and covers all essentials including these key issues:

  • Who’s responsible for paying the cost of electricity used to charge electric vehicles
  • Any necessary upgrades to the electricity infrastructure in the building
  • Overloading the existing electrical infrastructure

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