Fair Trading Incorrect Window Safety Details

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13 March 2018, was the deadline for every owners corporation in NSW to have installed compliant window safety devices on applicable windows throughout their strata schemes.

Recently, NSW Fair Trading updated information on their website concerning window safety devices for high rise strata blocks.

However, it’s important to note that the information uploaded is incorrect on the NSW Fair Trading website.

This is resulting in some incorrect conclusions that it is possible for an owners corporation to relieve itself from the responsibility for installing window safety devices.

As a result of the incorrect window safety device information on the NSW Fair Trading website it has raised a number of questions:

  1. Can the installation of window safety devices be delegated to each individual lot owner?
  2. Who is responsible for the maintaining, repairing and replacing window safety lock devices after they have been installed?
  3. Can a window lock by-law be put in place to relieve the owners corporation of responsibility?
  4. Why is the NSW Fair Trading window safety device information incorrect?

What is the correct information for window safety devices? Our paper will explain – Window Safety Devices and By-laws.

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