It’s Time to Review Your Strata By-laws Again!

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Recent Court and NCAT decisions and changes to strata laws have impacted on the validity of many by-laws.

This means that it is now essential to again review your strata scheme’s by-laws.

In this article we take a look at the types of by-laws that need to be reviewed due to these recent cases and changes to the law. These include: 

  • No Pets By-laws
  • Short Term Letting By-laws
  • Abandoned Goods and Illegally Parked Vehicles By-laws
  • No Smoking By-laws
  • No Hard Floor Coverings By-laws
  • Prohibiting Business Activities in Lots

The full article can be reviewed here: Strata Law Changes Means By-law Reviews

Did you know there are only 58 days until Christmas day? To ensure you have the right by-laws in place for the festive season click below now and we’ll be in touch.  

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