Owners Corporations, The Deadline is Looming!

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Are you aware that it’s now less than 12 months before owners corporations must comply with another new law?

That’s right, in NSW, window locks must be installed on windows by 13 March, 2018. Otherwise, owners corporations will face hefty fines if requirements are not met by the due date.

According to Westmead Children’s Hospital around 50 children fall from windows and balconies every year. To reduce the risk of these incidents occurring the Strata Schemes Management Act (for existing buildings) and the Building Code of Australia has been amended (for newly constructed buildings).

To ensure you comply by the due date we suggest taking this approach:

  • Make it a priority – ensure it’s an agenda item at your next meeting
  • Determine if a window lock by-law is required
  • Obtain a child window safety report, this will determine what windows require locks
  • Review window lock options to determine what the best options are for the building and its residents
  • Obtain window lock quotes and approval for works to be carried out
  • Complete the required installations
  • Ensure that a ‘Certificate of Compliance’ is obtained from the installer

Did you also know?

  • Lot owners may install window safety devices in their property at any time, but they must advise the owners corporation and, if you have a by-law in place lot owners must comply.
  • Tenants must get written permission from their landlord before installing any locks that require drilling to install them. If any landlords refuse the tenants installing locks they must provide a valid reason.

Remember, leaving it to the last minute places your scheme at risk of not complying by the due date. So, to avoid incurring a hefty fine, ensure it’s an agenda item at your next meeting (if you haven’t already done so).

For further information on the new window lock requirements visit – Fair Trading NSW.

For NSW strata legal or levy collection advice please contact us here or call 02 9562 1266, we’re happy to assist.

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