Building Defects – What is the Rectification Process?

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Over the last few years the Home Building Act has been amended a number of times raising many questions in regards to the building defects rectification process such as:

  1. What is the duty to mitigate?
  2. What is ‘reasonable access’?
  3. When can you refuse the builder and developer access to carry out rectification work?
  4. Has the builder already attempted rectification work that has been unsuccessful?

So, what steps can owners corporations take to mitigate the loss Building Defects and the Rectification Process.

It’s a complex area of law and in order to protect the interests of the owners corporation it’s wise to seek legal advice on navigating this process.

For NSW strata legal, building defects or levy collection advice please contact us here or call 02 9562 1266, we’re happy to assist.

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