3 Top Tips before your Home Warranty Expires

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The current NSW home building legislation states that buildings must be at risk of collapse or be uninhabitable to reap the benefit of a full 6 year warranty.

It seems absurd to provide warranties only for defects (major) at this extreme end of the spectrum, which, as is now being acknowledged, should not be occurring at all in a properly regulated building industry.

So, what about all the other defects?

Before your building defects warranty period expires we strongly suggest that the following 3 points be considered: BUILDING DEFECTS – Top 3 Tips Before your Home Warranty Period Expires

Have you or your client recently purchased a new strata home? Do you have a building defect issue (or you’re not sure)? Talk to our building defect experts before your warranty period expires.

For all strata legal and building defects contact us here or call 02 9562 1266 we would be happy to assist.

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