Common Property – Are Differential Levies Possible?

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Must strata lot owners pay, as part of their levies, maintenance of the common property they do not use?

Are all strata owners responsible for paying for the maintenance of every part of the common property even if some owners cannot or do not use part of the common areas?

Is it possible for an owners corporation to raise a differential contribution that is levied on some but not all owners or is levied in shares that are not proportional to the unit entitlements of the lots?

Here are some typical examples where owners often query if they should pay for maintenance of these areas:

  • A strata scheme that contains multiple stages – should they pay for stage 2 if they’re in stage 1?
  • The owner of a ground floor lot who does not use a lift servicing the upper levels of the building
  • The owner who does not use recreational facilities such as a swimming pool, gym or tennis court

Are these exceptions or are common areas in strata residential blocks treated as a whole?

Read this paper to find out the true position – Common Property Use and Differential Levies in Strata Blocks

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