Time Ticking on Government Funding for EV Charging

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EV Charging – Grant Funding Deadline

Owners Corporations considering installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the strata scheme should be aware of the availability of grants from the NSW State Government to assist owners corporations with at least 10 apartments to install EV charging infrastructure in a common area.

The process takes place over two steps.

Step 1 – Feasibility Assessment

Owners corporations which believe they may be eligible can make application for a feasibility assessment.  The cost for an owners corporation making an application is $2,000.00 plus GST.  The New South Wales Government will cover any other part of the cost of the assessment process.

To be eligible, your strata scheme must:

  • be located in NSW;
  • be a registered strata scheme under the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015;
  • contain 10 or more apartments as a class 2 building;
  • have a private and/or common property visitor (or shared) off-street common property parking as part of the strata scheme;
  • have no more than 4 EV chargers already installed (for buildings with less than 40 apartments) or no more than 10% of the number of parking spaces for buildings over 40 apartments;
  • be able to implement EV charging infrastructure upgrades that can be accessed by all residents.

Step 2 – Grant Implementation

If the Step 1 feasibility assessment report is positive then the owners corporation will be invited to apply for Step 2 of the grants.

The owners corporation  will firstly need to meet for the purpose of passing some necessary motions and to empower the strata committee to obtain quotes for the Step 2 works.  Once those quotes are obtained then they are submitted together with some other documentation to the New South Wales Government for review, and once approved then the owners corporation can proceed to installation.

The government will fund 80% (up to $80,000.00 per building) of eligible infrastructure costs and will also cover 50% (up to $1,200.00 per building) of eligible software subscription costs for two years.

Act Now – Limited EV Government Funding

There is $10 million available to assist eligible NSW strata schemes, but it is on a “first come first served” basis.

It is therefore critical that if your owners corporation is considering undertaking works of this kind, that you begin to consider making application for  the funds which may be available to you as soon as possible.

If your strata scheme requires assistance in any aspect of the process, for example in drafting the necessary motions to take the matter forward, then we would be happy to assist you.

We also specialise in EV by-laws should you require a new EV by-law or a review of an existing EV by-law. 

Warwick van Ede Specialist Strata Lawyer, Accredited Property Law Specialist, Litigator

Warwick van Ede I BEc LLM I Lawyer

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