NSW Law Society Appoints Muellers Committee Member

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Hot off the press!

Warwick van Ede, a NSW Law Society Accredited Specialist in property law, and senior lawyer at JS Mueller & Co Lawyers, has been appointed a member of the Property Law Committee of the Law Society of NSW for 2021 due to his expertise in property and strata law.

An experienced lawyer of almost 30 years, Warwick specialises in litigation, property and strata law, with a focus on NSW.

Warwick has appeared, often as advocate, in all Courts and Tribunals across NSW representing clients at NCAT, the Supreme Court, and Federal Court of Australia and in lower Courts.

JS Mueller & Co Lawyers are proud of Warwick’s achievement and are confident Warwick will be an excellent committee member providing sound policy input and advice using his specialist knowledge and experience in the area of property and strata law.  Warwick’s appointment also recognises the expertise held by the team at JS Mueller & Co in property and strata law.

By drawing on the insights of expert committee members such as Warwick, the Law Society is able to act as a major player in law reform and policy debates including in relation to strata law. We look forward to Warwick making a valuable contribution to law reform in the strata space.

To view Warwick’s full profile click here.

For all NSW strata legal including by-laws, building defect and levy collection advice contact us here or call 02 9562 1266, we’re happy to assist.

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