Muellers Wins First Cladding Case in NSW!

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In a major development for the strata industry, NCAT has recently held that Biowood cladding installed externally on a Sydney building is combustible and must be removed as it is a major building defect.

There are a number of multi-storey buildings in NSW with Biowood panels that are combustible and pose a risk of fire spreading from one part of these buildings to another.

Faiyaaz Shafiq, Senior Lawyer, said, “it is now up to owners corporations and strata managers to ensure these panels are removed and lives are not put in danger.”

Owners corporations of buildings which have Biowood cladding require urgent assessment of the risks involved and their rights in light of this new decision.

For more information… Biowood Cladding NCAT Rules Combustible and also refer to media coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) and

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