Can “Squatter’s Rights” Exist in a Strata Scheme?

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There have been two recent court cases involving “squatter’s rights” over parcels of land in Sydney.

In both of those cases, people have acquired ownership of parcels of land they did not own through adverse possession by exercising “squatter’s rights”.

Both of these cases raise interesting questions for strata schemes:

  • What are “squatter’s rights”?
  • Can “squatter’s rights” exist in a strata scheme?
  • Do the rules for “squatter’s rights” make it impossible for a person to claim ownership of part of the common property in strata scheme?
  • Do those rules make it difficult for an owners corporation to claim ownership of a lot even if it has been abandoned?

Abandoned houses, “dunny lanes”, car spaces, storerooms and more: here we explain this complex area of law and share some recent cases – Squatters Rights in Strata Schemes.

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