Paper unveils Community Schemes Reforms

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Key reforms to support residents living in nearly 2,200 community, neighbourhood and precinct schemes in NSW have been unveiled in a new community schemes law reform position paper.

A snapshot of the proposed changes includes:

  • Helping associations to monitor and fund property maintenance by requiring a builder or developer to provide a building maintenance schedule at the first annual general meeting.
  • Limiting proxy votes to prevent an individual or small group controlling a scheme.
  • Streamlining by-law enforcement; making it easier to penalise serial offenders and recover enforcement costs.
  • Boosting industry professionalism and the responsible management of schemes through strengthened accountabilities, including new disclosure requirements.
  • Providing opportunities for tenants to be represented at meetings.
  • Accommodating online technology to help schemes communicate and operate efficiently and effectively.

To find out more visit the review of the strata and community scheme laws where you can read the positioning paper giving details on the reforms.

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