COVID-19 By-law: Your Power to Help Prevent the Spread

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COVID-19 Risk in Apartment Buildings

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There has been recent talk in the media about the risk of apartment buildings becoming hot spots for Coronavirus infection.

This media attention has focussed on the fact that the recent public health orders and other laws that have been introduced to help stop the spread of Coronavirus do not apply to densely populated apartment buildings.

Apartment Buildings – Are they Cruise Ships on Land?


Indeed, there has been mention of apartment buildings turning into “cruise ships on land” unless stringent rules are put in place to regulate them to help stop the spread of Coronavirus inside them.

For that reason, there is a need for some residential strata buildings to introduce rules to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.  We have drafted a by-law that sets out those rules.  The by-law addresses:

  • reporting COVID-19 infections;
  • self-isolation;
  • social distancing;
  • parties and social gatherings;
  • guests and visitors;
  • changes in occupancy such as short term stay guests via Airbnb;
  • use of recreational facilities;
  • restrictions on access to and use of areas of common property;
  • landlords’ responsibility for tenants;
  • responsibility for invitees.

COVID-19 By-law – Power to Help Avoid the Spread


The by-law will prove useful for many residential strata buildings to set out basic rules that owners and tenants must follow to help avoid the spread of Coronavirus and to give owners corporations power to take steps to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 in their buildings.

In the expectation that the COVID-19 pandemic will pass, our by-law provides for the owners corporation to conduct a mandatory review of the by-law and its terms within six months to enable the by-law to be amended or be repealed at the appropriate time and for the by-law to expire at the conclusion of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A One-off COVID-19 By-law for all Your Buildings


We are offering the by-law to strata managers working in the strata management industry for a discounted price of $300.00 plus GST.  For that fee, you obtain a licence to use the by-law and introduce the by-law into as many residential buildings as you like. If you have residential buildings that may benefit from the by-law, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For NSW strata legal, building defect or levy collection advice please contact us here or call 02 9562 1266, we’re happy to assist.

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