Strata Managers Forum – Short Term Tenancies

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Short term tenancies have long posed problems for community living.  The problem most commonly arises in communities where there is a mixture of permanent residents and short term tenants.  Issues of noise, damage to common property and inappropriate behaviour are often attributed to short term tenants.  Short term tenants vary from backpackers to holidaymakers to short term workers.

Strata schemes have tried to both regulate short term tenants and prohibit short term tenancies by use of by-laws.

Effectively regulating the behaviour of short term tenants has proved difficult.  Short term tenants are exactly that, short term, and are not generally around long enough to be effectively subjected to the laborious and lengthy procedures set out in the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996 (“the Act”) for enforcement of by-laws.

Click below to download the presentation and full paper on Short Term Tenancies from our April 2015 seminar:

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