Owner Disappears Owing Debts of $1.4 Million

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After becoming a monk, a landlord in Sydney, named Law Siek Hong, “gave up” his property and disappeared in Malaysia, leaving a large levy debt behind.

Law Siek Hong property is located in Darlinghurst, the owner of the property committee spent 12 years, more than 60,000 Australian dollars (RMB300,000) trying to find him, forcing him to pay a cumulative tax of more than 280,000 Australian dollars (RMB1.4 million).

Recently, the owners committee won a supreme court suit, debuting the apartment for the first time by auctioning off the debt.

Senior lawyer, JS Mueller & Co, Faiyaaz Shafiq said: “This is a big issue in Australia because some overseas buyers are usually from Asia, but they never live in it and no one knows where they are and they are usually hard to find.”

To read the full Sydney Morning Herald Domain article click here.

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