The 5 Biggest Impacts of the New Strata Laws

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One year later… what are the 5 biggest impacts of the new strata laws?

In this interview with LookUpStrata, Adrian Mueller, partner, JS Mueller & Co addresses the top 5 new strata laws and the changes to owners corporation fines and how they’ll affect you.

Click on the video below to view Adrian’s interview with Nikki from LookUpStrata as he discusses the following:

  1. New Strata Laws in Relation to the Way in which Owners will be Able to Vote at Strata Meetings
  2. Prohibition on Proxy Farming
  3. Renovations
  4. Undesirable Habits
  5. Removing Abandoned Goods

And, body corporate fines and the 3 main changes.

The full article can be viewed at LookUpStrata.

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