NSW Combustible Cladding Taskforce – Who is Eligible?

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The NSW Government has recently established a Cladding Taskforce known as ‘Project Remediate’.

This Taskforce will:

  • Identify residential buildings with potential combustible cladding issues
  • Address the use of non-compliant cladding materials with local councils

As of February 2021, 185,000 building records have been audited by the Taskforce with 4,127 buildings inspected.

It is important to note that not all cladding is dangerous. Fire + Rescue NSW (FRNSW) have been engaged to assist the Taskforce in determining building risk. Those buildings considered a higher risk will be further referred to consent authorities such as their Local Council or the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) for further investigation.

Register your interest in ‘Project Remediate’ here.

What is ‘Project Remediate’?

‘Project Remediate’ is a 3 year program designed to help remove combustible cladding from eligible residential buildings who will receive:

  • Interest free loans over a 10 year period with loan payments commencing after the completion of work
  • Assurance and project management services offering technical, risk and practical support to owners corporations and strata managers
  • A free 2-hour course on Project Remediate (free until 30 September 2021, following a fee of $140.00 will apply). This course is designed for strata managers and committee members of affected buildings to help them explain ‘Project Remediate’ to lot owners, to enable lot owners to make informed decisions.

Who is Eligible for ‘Project Remediate’?

To be eligible for ‘Project Remediate’ support, the building must be either:

  • A residential apartment building (Class 2) located in NSW approved by the Taskforce to have a high-risk combustible cladding façade which requires remediation
  • A multi-use building which has part commercial/residential located in NSW approved by the Taskforce to have a high-risk combustible cladding façade which requires remediation

Do you need More Information on ‘Project Remediate’?

For more specific information please visit:

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