NCAT Confirms Biowood Cladding is Combustible

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Late 2019 a major development occurred for the strata industry when the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) held that Biowood cladding is combustible, poses an undue risk of fire spreading and is a major building defect.

As of yesterday 4 August, 2020…

In a first for Australia, NCAT’s Appeal Panel upheld a 2019 finding by NCAT that Biowood cladding installed on the facade of a multi-storey building in Sydney is combustible and must be removed.

The owners corporation of the building was successfully represented by Mueller’s and is the first reported case where a Court or Tribunal has upheld a finding that a particular type of cladding is combustible.

The outcome of the case represents a win for owners corporations and sends another timely warning to builders and developers that use of combustible cladding is fraught with risk and carries with it substantial consequences.

The first case in Australia (and globally) the decision in this case sets a precedent A Win for Owners Corporation – Biowood Cladding Confirmed Combustible

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