We LOVE those Garnishee Orders!

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Why do we love them so much?

Because Garnishee Orders are the most effective way to recover outstanding levies.

So, what is a Garnishee Order?

  • A Garnishee Order is an order from the Court ordering someone else to pay us money on behalf of the debtor
  • They are issued against someone who we know is holding money for the debtor or owes money to the debtor. We can garnishee:
  • A bank account if we know the details of their bank account
  • Their wages if we know where they work
  • Rent from their investment unit (not necessarily the unit in levy arrears)

When can we issue a Garnishee Order?

  • Garnishee Orders can ONLY be issued after we have obtained Judgment – they are one of the ways we can enforce a Judgment and are the BEST option available

How can you help?

To help us recover your outstanding levies faster, when you give us instructions to collect overdue levies, if known, always provide the following details about the debtor:

  • Their bank account details
  • Their employment details
  • Details of any of their investment properties

So next time you brief JS Mueller & Co on a levy recovery matter don’t forget to provide us with those extra little details.

Click here for the full details of the new Levy Collection New Laws

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