Does the Joy of Keeping a Pet in Strata come at a Cost?

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Keeping a pet in some strata schemes can be costly when schemes charge an additional fee or bond for the joy of having a pet!

The good news is that the NSW Government as part of the reform has labelled these fees and bonds as being costly, unreasonable, and unnecessary as lot owners already pay levies.

Owners already pay for the upkeep of their strata schemes including the cost of insurance to cover damage to common areas as part of their levies.

The reform is part of phase one of the NSW Government’s review to ensure we have a more transparent and fairer strata system.

This week the NSW Government will move forward on critical reforms implementing changes to ensure the system is fairer and transparent…

So, will there be a blanket ban on pet fees and bonds under the reforms for strata laws governing community living arrangements?

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